Michael Palardy Jersey

Who is the punter for the Carolina Panthers? The answer is Michael Palardy, an answer that should be obvious if you look at the handy roster that the team keeps posted on Panthers.com or if you bothered to read our 2018 special teams review this morning.

We felt the need to answer this very important question for two reasons: primarily because Google seems confused on the subject and secondarily because it is the offseason and when else are we going to talk about punters?

Palardy, for the record, has been punting for the Panthers since 2016. He took over for an injured Andy Lee (who does appear among the above suggestions) that season and then beat Lee out for the job in a 2017 training camp battle. He is under contract for the next three seasons following the contract extension he signed last year.

The suggested punters for the Panthers, per Google, include Lee, whom Palardy beat out for the job, Mike Scifres, who retired after not playing a snap for the Panthers, Jordan Gay, who similarly never played a regular season snap in a Panthers’ uniform, Brad Nortman, who is also no longer in the NFL, and Jason Baker, who retired in 2012 after seven seasons with the Panthers and 12 in the NFL. Palardy, once again, is none of those people. Palardy, to be clear, is still in the NFL and still under contract to provide punt related services to the Carolina Panthers in 2019, 2020, and 2021.

If you’d like to know more about Palardy you can dig into researching his statistics (he is a pretty average punter) here. You can also take a look at a breakdown of his contract (he is paid like a pretty average punter) here. If you want even more than that then I must direct you to this photo shoot with the rest of the Panthers special teamers in celebration of his contract extension. It really should tell you everything you need to know.

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