Christian Miller Jersey

Alabama outside linebacker Christian Miller believes he has “first-round ability.” But he was a fourth-round selection in the NFL Draft on Saturday, taken with the 115th choice by the Carolina Panthers.

Miller was fine with it.

“I’m thankful I went to the right place,” Miller said. “It’s crazy how things work out, and I couldn’t be any happier. …

“It’s not where you get picked. It’s what you do when you get there.”

The Panthers weren’t sure why Miller was available in the fourth round, but they were fine with it, too.

“He was a guy that we’ve been talking to for a while,” Carolina general manager Marty Hurney said of Miller. “He’s an excellent football player, had 8.5 sacks in around 400 snaps last year. I think, you know, he’s been going through a hamstring. He went through a hamstring early in the offseason process. That might have contributed some to him being available to where we picked him, but we are really happy to get him.

“He’s got length, he knows how to rush the passer, he can dip and bend. He just makes plays, and, as you can see by his stats last year, he’s a really good football player. He’ll help rushing the passer. That was one of the things we wanted to do was address that, and I think we did that in this draft.”