Jordan Scarlett Jersey

So far, the Carolina Panthers rookies have said the right things in the early going as they look to get settled with their new team. We have heard Will Grier be very accepting of the fact that he is going to be the backup quarterback. Thursday, new running back Jordan Scarlett said that he would be happy to complement Christian McCaffrey.

You could definitely pawn it off as a “rookies just trying to say the right thing” type of deal. However, it is nice to hear that they are handling themselves well. They seem to know their roles, and have come in with modest expectations at least at the outset. Scarlett is figured to be a key figure in the Carolina Panthers running game. He is ready to complement Christian McCaffrey, and I think he could be the bruiser type of running back. That could serve as a change of pace to McCaffrey’s speed and flash. Scarlett described himself as much to the media on Thursday.

The fact that Scarlett is willing to learn is also encouraging. He has two of the best players in the National Football League on his side of the football in Cam Newton and Christian McCaffrey. They can certainly teach a lot. McCaffrey in particular could help teach him the nuances of the offense and what it means as a running back. Scarlett could definitely thrive in this system, particularly with how often the running back is used. He has the size and speed to be able to make an impact.

He could be the 2019 version of C.J. Anderson. Anderson definitely fit the role of a bruiser back. However, he did not get enough touches while he was in Charlotte. We saw firsthand how much he meant to the Los Angeles Rams. Especially in the playoffs, he put together several good performances as the team made it to the Super Bowl. Scarlett he can fill that need the Panthers have with more youthful legs. He is a strong playmaker who could definitely handle the rushing challenges of the National Football League.

It will be interesting to see exactly how Scarlett fits into the offense. He certainly has the talent to be a starting running back, but if he can adjust to his role as backup running back, the Carolina Panthers could have that one-two punch at the position. One thing is for certain, Scarlett is willing to work his way up the proverbial totem pole. Especially as a rookie, that willingness certainly goes a long way.